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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Flash Mob @ North Hills

On Thursday July 18th we performed a flash mob at North Hills at the Summer Beach Festival.  Check it out and like us!!!  We had a really great time and want to thank everyone who was there to watch us and thanks for the continued support.

NorthHills FlashMob Experience

  Overall I had a good time. When we finally got out there, I was shocked by how many people showed up. The Fourth of July group was pretty big, but here we got both the on-goers shopping at the mall and people who came to see the show which was double the amount beforehand. They were very welcoming when we finally ran out and people danced with us. I enjoyed dancing on a semi-stage under us. I was slightly nervous right before the show, because it was my second performance with The Malkuta Project and the crowd was bigger. I was also worried that our songs wouldn't appeal to the crowd, but it did. I was so excited when I went out alone on the Harlem Shake part. I was able to spin around and see expectant faces all around me ready to see what else we had to offer. I had a wonderful time after the show when many people came up to our booth asking us to come back or just wanting to see what we were about. We try to keep a family atmosphere around us so we were able to enjoy each others company 'till the end. It was one of the best shows we've had and hopefully we will have more to come!  


Friday, July 12, 2013

Stereotypes and Never Judging a Book by its Cover

So it's human nature, but we all tend to stereotype and prejudge people.  Sorry, but its just the way it works.  But that doesn't mean its okay that life works like that.  There are several cliche statements concerning stereotypes and how we view others, the most famous of them probably being "never judge a book by its cover."  Stereotypes have unfortunately led to misinformation and misunderstandings about different groups of people, resulting in unnecessary profiling, ill-will, hate, suffering, and even death.  Look at these prime examples - the Trayvon Martin case, black/white relations in American history, hetereo vs. homosexuality issues, and even on a global scale conflicts in the Middle East.  Stereotypes and what we initially think about a certain group of people - without even knowing the person - plays a large part in how we view and act towards others.

So the question is simple:  how do we break down stereotypes?  I believe the more we are able to understand each other, the more we appreciate our differences but also acknowledge how much of the same we really are.  Empowerment is about breaking down those barriers, giving those who have been outcasted or judged unfairly the chance to say I'm more than meets the eye, I'm worthy and just as valuable as the next person.  This photo project we have started - with the first topic focusing on different realities - now seeks to help highlight the misconceptions with stereotypes and break down those barriers.  The more we understand about we each other, the more we can work together.  The more we can work together and collaborate, the more meaningful change we can make for all.

Meet Jordan, National High School Scholars Society, skateboarder with potential sponsorship offers waiting.  Period.

Meet Timothy, Loves school, makes good grades, lacrosse player.  Period.

More posts on this project to come.  Check out the tumblr as well for more on stereotypes.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Malkuta Project Christina Dunn bless the mic Beyonce one plus one

Christina Dunn Blesses the Mic

Bless the Mic is our new empowerment and talent showcase platform project in which we showcase the abilities of a person and allow them to tell their story or whatever they want to express.  It is their chance to "bless the mic" through singing, dancing, or some other expression.  Meet Christina Dunn, staff member here with us at the Boys and Girls Club Teen Center and involved with Malkuta.  Here her sing Beyonce's "One plus One."

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

New Malkuta Tumblr

We are on tumblr now!!!  Tumblr for us will serve as an alternate and complementary way to showcase our work.  Mainly many of our pictures - especially those that deal with showcasing our community and various other art through photos - and also inspirational quotes will be on our tumblr.  Sign up for one and follow us on that as well!

Challenges and Paradoxes of Leadership

So this post seeks to address an interesting dilemma I have noticed and experienced in leadership, and in a larger perspective organizations, campaigns, and people involved in fields of helping those who need us the most.  That dilemma is quite simple:  if part of your mission is to help others, how do you balance helping those who definitely are in need of love, support, attention, and a support group while simultaneously not jeopardizing the overall effectiveness and health of your organization or affiliation? It's like Luke Skywalker trying to save his father - Darth Vader - from the darkside while not being consumed by the darkness himself.  I am a big believer in cause and effect, and firmly believe that many  people tend to focus on the effect and not the cause.  They tend to focus on the results, the bottom line.  And that's very understandable because we live in a results-oriented world where the focus seems to be on the results themselves, not the process or the cause by which you took to get there.  In my opinion that journey, that process, that cause is the most important element and the overall goal.  Focus on your process and your expected results more times than not should follow - it may not come out based on your initial expectations - but the hard work you put in will reap good fruit.  I say all that to say I am enjoying the process of figuring out this paradox of leadership.

As part of Malkuta, our mission is to empower others.  Our mission is to reach out to those who need us the most and help empower themselves through their creative expression and in term spark others in to action.  I have seen this effect take place in several members of our team - and to watch that transformation is a beautiful process.  That's not to say that's an easy process either.  Many obstacles, trials, speed bumps, tie fighters if you will, and other things have made the process challenging yet rewarding.  At my core I believe in following the mission of what you have set forth to accomplish - so if that is to help others, then you have to find a way to do it in a sustainable and healthy fashion that doesn't compromise your organization being able to move forward to continue its work.  Now if I only knew how that looked, I probably wouldn't be writing a post begging the question.  But I guess that's the beauty of the process.  You don't know all of the answers.  You are figuring it out through trial and fire as you work through it. That journey is the most rewarding and most challenging part of the equation.  If anybody completely had it figured out, then we wouldn't continue to see this paradox come up.

Take the New England Patriots for example - I am sure they did everything they could to help provide the proper resources for Aaron Hernandez to be successful.  But at the end of the day, they had to make a decision - and those can be tough - that was in the best interest of their organization.  All in all, as I take this journey, I continue to learn and grow and will allow our mission - to be that platform that allows those to be empowered - to be my guiding force in knowing which road to turn down this journey path.

Nate G.